Serial tickets on route Tallinn-Helsinki vv.

We have a new offer for passengers who often travel on the Tallinn-Helsinki vv. Serial tickets will offer our passengers the chance to travel cheaper using Viking XPRS.

Serial tickets on route Tallinn-Helsinki or vv.

Tickets Price €
10 one way tickets for passenger 210
10 one way tickets for vehicle (max 5m length, max 1,9 height) 230

Tickets can be booked on Vilma

Product codes:

  • 10 one way tickets for passenger                  SER
  • 10 one way tickets for vehicle                      SERBIL
  • 10 on way tickets for passenger + vehicle    SERCA1


How to Book?

  • Serial tickets are shown under Vilma Extras 1 piece/ Adult.
  • Book the first trip immediately, shown as free Capacity-Passenger
  • To get the free ticket, use package code.
  • As an extra offer meals and cabins to the customer.

Where can the customer get the serial tickets?

  • Customer pays at the travel agency.  
  • The customer will get the tickets from the terminal in return for the reservation confirmation.
  • The customer will have to have the serial ticket with them for all of the following trips.



  • The serial tickets are valid only on the Viking XPRS.
  • 1 serial ticket is valid for 1 adult passenger on one way trip Tallinn-Helsinki/Helsinki-Tallinn.
  • 1 serial ticket for the vehicle is valid for 1 vehicle (length up to 5m and height up to 1,9m) on one way trip Tallinn-Helsinki/Helsinki-Tallinn.
    NB! In case vehicle exceeds  the measurements mentioned above one has to buy a new ticket on spot if places are available.
  • Serial tickets are valid 12 months after the purchase (except July).
  • Serial tickets are valid only if labeled and are not valid when the stamp on the ticket is harmed and not readable.
  • The trip need to be  booked advance. 
  • It`s not possible to book a vehicle on Vilma without a passenger.
  • Serial ticket is not personal and can be used by anyone who claims it.
  • Serial ticket can be booked for max 8 people/ per booking.
  • Serial ticket has to be presented to our check-in on the time of travel.
  • Unused  and invalid serial tickets are not bought back by Viking Line.
  • The reservation can be changed or canceled up until 24h prior to the departure.

Viking Line maintains the right to make price and timetable alterations.